ipf 3.4.35 woes

Damian Gerow dgerow at afflictions.org
Wed Jun 23 15:57:07 GMT 2004

Thus spake Damian Gerow (dgerow at afflictions.org) [22/06/04 22:10]:
: The upgrade to ipf 3.4.35 is causing me grief.  And yes, my kernel and
: userland are in sync:

As someone pointed out to me, this is before the pf import -- these sources
are from the eve of the ipf import, just after the two fixes were committed.

I can completely and totally reproduce this on every reboot, but for the
life of me, I can't reproduce it manually.  It /appears/ to be either a
problem with bringing up lo0, or a problem bringing up fxp0 with dhclient.
Or something that might happen between those two steps, I'm not sure.

  - Damian

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