New preview patch for ipfw to pfil_hooks conversion

Wed Jun 23 01:07:24 PDT 2004

Julian Elischer wrote:
> On Tue, 22 Jun 2004, Ian FREISLICH wrote:
> > Andre Oppermann wrote:
> > > Here is the next preview patch for the ipfw to pfil_hooks conversion:
> > > 
> > >
> > > 
> > > This patch significantly cleans up ip_input.c and ip_output.c.
> > 
> > Now that you're actively working on that part of the source, would
> > it be possible to take a look?  I would also be happy to create a
> > new patch to fix this problem against ipfw with pfilhooks if that's
> > what it's going to take to get a fix committed.
> > 
> hmmm I guess the pathc should be pointed out to luigi or an ipfw
> person..
> it's probably not that you're being ignored it's probably that no-one
> who has his fingers in ipfw noticed it..

I've mailed Luigi.  I've mailed the patch to current (once) and
ipfw (twice).  I submitted the PR on Max Laier's request 'so it
wouldn't get lost'.  I then drew ipfw's attention to the PR at least
twice with a couple of weeks break in between.  It's been mailed
to ipfw weekly since 2004/03/14 in the 'Current problem reports
assigned to you' from the FreeBSD bugmaster.  I even mentioned this
to my friend Mark Murray who said that he'll mention it to Luigi
over beer.  Still nothing until now (I don't know if the beer
happened though) and I suspect that it might make Andre's life a
little harder because I don't know how neatly it will fit in with
what he's doing.

I guess I don't really mind if the patch isn't used, but some
feedback would be nice: 'It can't be used because your coding style
sucks' or 'the packet should be reinjected into the firewall in
such and such a way'.

I know this is a volunteer project.  It's a great project that I
want to contribute back to.  I know that keeping private patches
will prevent me from tracking CURRENT or STABLE at some stage.
I know this is a bit emotional: it's just been a bit of a frustrating
experience because the committers keep on say 'we don't always have
the time to fix every little nit, but help us out and send some
patches'.  Well, here are some patches.  I know that patches and
other contributions have just been ignored in the past (just look
at the PR database as an example - its full of untapped patches and
fixes) and its a real turn-off.

My thanks go to Andre for picking up the ball.

I'm not sure responses to this should be cross-posted to freebsd-net.


Ian Freislich

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