rl0: watchdog timeout with 5.2.1-RELEASE ...

Marc G. Fournier scrappy at hub.org
Wed Jun 23 02:08:21 GMT 2004

Just installed the above on a new machine, and shortly after reboot, I 
start getting the timeout and can no longer access the network ... the 
board is an AX4SPE-UN board, onboard LAN, but I've tried several other 
Realtek based cards I have in the office, and all do the same thing ...

Is there a known bug with the above RELEASE that is fixed in a later 
kernel?  Anything I can do to compensate for the problem?  Or do I have to 
just give up on the Realtek chipset and move onto something else?

Thanks ...

Marc G. Fournier           Hub.Org Networking Services (http://www.hub.org)
Email: scrappy at hub.org           Yahoo!: yscrappy              ICQ: 7615664

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