Is NO_YP_LIBC working?

Andrea Campi andrea+freebsd_current at
Tue Jun 22 15:11:50 GMT 2004


in the process of setting up a nanobsd-based system I've stumbled on so
many issues during a make buildworld that I've started wondering whether
NO_YP_LIBC is meant to work. Is anybody using it, and do you need local

Another question is what should it actually do. Parts of librpcsvc and
libwrap call yp_*, as do libexec/{mknetid,ypxfr); it doesn't make sense
to not compile YP support in libc but try (and fail) to compile these.
Maybe we should have a single variable (NOYP or NO_YP, I don't care)
that turns off all YP-only code.

This is the way I'm pursuing locally; I've been slowly fixing issues
as they come up (my buildworld machine is slow), I can post the
resulting diffs as a starting point in case anybody cares.


                   It's not a bug, it's tradition!

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