New preview patch for ipfw to pfil_hooks conversion

Tue Jun 22 11:54:10 GMT 2004

Andre Oppermann wrote:
> > There have been about 5 PRs (most with patches) in the past years
> > which all claim to fix this problem indicating that here is a need
> > for a fix.  We rely on the fix in kern/64240 to collect traffic
> > accounting information for billing and statistical purposes.  There
> > hasn't been much interest from the committers in having a look at
> > this even though the work has already been done.
> Could you give me all PR numbers?  That'll make it easier for me
> get the code in.

They all do basically the same thing in varying ways.  I think that
all except for kern/64240 are against -STABLE.  Here's what I can
find quickly.  There may be more lurking.


> > Now that you're actively working on that part of the source, would
> > it be possible to take a look?  I would also be happy to create a
> > new patch to fix this problem against ipfw with pfilhooks if that's
> > what it's going to take to get a fix committed.
> It's ok, I don't need new patches against the converted pfil_hooks
> code.

Cool, thanks.


Ian Freislich

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