Maxime Henrion mux at
Tue Jun 22 10:49:24 GMT 2004

Dag-Erling Sm?rgrav wrote:
> "Grover Lines" <grover at> writes:
> > I've got the SOCKBUF_DEBUG and all the other generic debugging options
> > compiled in and freshly rebuilt world/kernel. So what do I do now? Wait for
> > an error? I've tried different servers. I have another box that works behind
> > the same router and it has no problems. I've tried cvsupping atleast 5 times
> > since rebuild and haven.t got any debugging output, and cvsup fails every
> > time.
> have you tried using tcpdump to monitor the connection to the cvsup server?

Given how the CVSup protocol works, monitoring with tcpdump is uneasy if
you don't know the protocol.  First, zlib compression needs to be disabled
and then you need to realize there are several TCP streams multiplexed on
a single TCP connection.

If Grover can get a tcpdump trace, I'll be happy to take a look at it though.


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