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Tue Jun 22 09:26:07 GMT 2004

I've got the SOCKBUF_DEBUG and all the other generic debugging options
compiled in and freshly rebuilt world/kernel. So what do I do now? Wait for
an error? I've tried different servers. I have another box that works behind
the same router and it has no problems. I've tried cvsupping atleast 5 times
since rebuild and haven’t got any debugging output, and cvsup fails every


Grover Lines
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> > Ok well I got gdb6 installed, but just realized the program im trying to
> > follow (cvsup) is compiled with m3. I'm not a programmer but am willing
> to
> > follow directions to figure out how I can trace this process so I can
> find
> > out why I'm getting continuous errors.
> GDB won't do you much good.  The most likely cause of your problem is
> a buggy firewall or router somewhere upstream, or possibly a problem
> on the server.  The first step would be to try a different server; the
> second would be to follow the advice you've already been given about
> socket buffer debugging.

Grover Lines

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