"Maintaining your installation" question

Colin Percival colin.percival at wadham.ox.ac.uk
Tue Jun 22 08:45:10 GMT 2004

At 09:23 22/06/2004, Stephan van Beerschoten wrote:
>Is there a 'best practice' for getting rid of leftover 'old stuff': libs
>binaries and files as well as (just for example) any updated perl or any
>old doc files? 

  It's not an ideal solution, but at least for releases
fetch -o - http://update.daemonology.net/${VERSION}/md5all | cut -f 1 -d '$' | uniq
will give you a list of all the files which belong in the base system.
Combine that with the output of `pkg_info -aqL`, and you'll have a
fairly complete list of what belongs on the system.

Colin Percival

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