calcru: negative time ... followed by freeze

j.e.drews at j.e.drews at
Mon Jun 21 19:57:39 GMT 2004

FreeBSD CURRENT from 21 Jun 2004
Compiled with -O -pipe


 I get this calcru also when running top. Within 30 seconds it will print a message to the effect that calcru has negative time. It happened when I was building ports simultaneously. I ignored it because I thought my clock had slowed down.

-------------- Original message from Robert Watson : -------------- 
> I've now seen the following scenario happen several times in the last few 
> days while doing testing and benchmarking: I run a multi-threaded test, 
> such as super-smack, that causes a moderately high system load. I then 
> hit Ctrl-T 

> Has anyone else seen this?

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