calcru: negative time ... followed by freeze

Don Lewis truckman at
Mon Jun 21 19:07:58 GMT 2004

On 21 Jun, Bruce Evans wrote:
> On Mon, 21 Jun 2004, Don Lewis wrote:

>> It also looks like a bug that a zombie remains in the [running] state
>> and thus looks interesting to ttyinfo().
> I think it isn't really running.  ttyinfo() should pick it if it is the
> only process the terminal.  ttyinfo() does pick it for the zombie in the
> test program in the PR, and reports that it is running, but ps reports
> it correctly as a zomble.

ttyinfo() prints "[running]" if TD_IS_RUNNING(td) is true.  I think the
problem is that thread_exit() doesn't set td_state to TDS_INACTIVE if
the process only has one thread.

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