How to catch interrupt

M. Warner Losh imp at
Sun Jun 20 17:09:25 GMT 2004

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            Roman Kurakin <rik at> writes:
: Ok. Thanks for information. I guess I need to remove this code from my 
: driver.
: This code is part of cx(4) and ctau(4) drivers. These cards are legacy 
: ISA cards,
: IRQ line could be set any (from a definite set). The only reason why we 
: probe
: for IRQ is to write to the user messages that IRQ is not functional - 
: most probable
: it is assigned fot PCI/PNP. After we add this code calls to our tech 
: support with
: question why device is not working (due to this reason) decreased twice.

You can also use the watchdog timeout to good effect.  When the
operation is done, you reset the watchdog.  When the timeout happens,
you know that you don't have a working interrupt...  It won't happen
at probe time, but will happen at a useful time (the first time the
user tries to use it).


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