kldload random.ko panics -CURRENT

Tai-hwa Liang avatar at mmlab.cse.yzu.edu.tw
Sun Jun 20 16:01:10 GMT 2004


  Apparently, loading the module random.ko in -CURRENT always panics the
kernel unless the random device was not compiled in the kernel.

  With a 5.2-RELEASE kernel, the panic message was:

	WARNING: Driver mistake: destroy_dev on ....
	don't do that

  With recent GENERIC kernel cvsup'ed on Jun-20-2004:

	can't re-use a leaf (gengateinterval)!
	can't re-use a leaf (bins)!
	can't re-use a leaf (fastthresh)
	can't re-use a leaf (slowthresh)
	can't re-use a leaf (slowoverthersh)
	panic: mutex "random reseed" 0xc0a2dcc0 already initialized.
	cpuid = 0;
	stop at Debugger + 0x46:	xchgl	%ebx, in_Debugger.0

  Since I always left random as a kernel module and load it in loader.conf,
the system always panics if I forget to unload the module before booting
the latest GENERIC kernel(for testing purpose). I'm aware of that the answer
may be "don't do it, use static compiled random device instead!" However,
shouldn't there be any foot-shooting prevention mechanism in the random

  I'm wondering about why this module loading panicked instead of bailing out
with something like "kldload: can't load random: File exists?"

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