USB Mouse not working on Thinkpad R40, works under WinXP

Marc van Kempen marc at
Sun Jun 20 12:05:12 GMT 2004

Tai-hwa Liang wrote:
> On Mon, 14 Jun 2004, Marc van Kempen wrote:
>>I just bought a new usb mouse (Genius Powerscroll Eye U+P, optical
>>mouse), and while my other USB mouse works fine under FreeBSD -current
>>(about two months old), this one doesn't.
> I have the similar problem on both -STABLE and -CURRENT. Mine is an "ELECOM
> M-MAPP1KHBK" optical mouse, which can be probed by ums.ko and usbd; however,
> I found no mouse event from /dev/ums0 while moving, clicking or wheel
> scrolling the mouse.

I can also confirm that it still doesn't work on a very recent -current 
(16 June).

Any USB experst out there who want to comment on this?


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