Problems installing Fre*BSD with 3ware 9500S-4LP

Patrick Hurrelmann outi at
Sun Jun 20 11:21:39 GMT 2004

On Sun, 20 Jun 2004 02:50:36 -0700
"Vinod Kashyap" <vkashyap at> wrote:

> Looks like you cannot reboot after an install since the 
> driver is not part of the OS you just finished installing.
> This is what you can do:
> 1. While installing the OS, load the driver from a floppy
> (sysinstall->Configure->KLDLoad).  You are probably already
> doing this.
> 2. After installation, during reboot, escape to the loader
> prompt, and again with a floppy with the driver inserted,
> load the driver by doing 'load disk0:twa.ko'.
> 3. Do a 'boot' and you should be able to boot.
> 4. Once you have successfully rebooted, either build the kernel
> with the driver sources, or simply copy the driver binary (twa.ko)
> to /boot/kernel, and add the following line
> to /boot/loader.conf:
> twa_load="YES"
> This should make the driver load automatically during every reboot.
> Also, sorry about the mistype 'FreeBSD 5.1' on the 3ware
> website.  It should indeed be 'FreeBSD 5.2'.  It's in the 
> process of being corrected.
> Please contact 3ware support with any questions you might have.
> They should be able to assist you.

The problem is that i can't escape to the loader prompt as it halts before. The process described is the same as in 3ware's handbook.
I even tried to copy twa.ko during install to /boot/kernel and edited my loader.conf with help of the emergency console running during install.
Again it halts before the loader prompts...

So i will contact 3ware support. Thanks for your help :D 

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