rl0 driver does not support altq

Max Laier max at love2party.net
Sat Jun 19 02:26:16 GMT 2004

On Friday 18 June 2004 08:26, Mathieu Arnold wrote:
> Based on the fact that I guess that you runn -current
> I think that it's mainly because no network driver supports ALTQ at this
> time. As max said in his commit (and on current@), which I think you read
> because you use -current, he will be adding support for the network drivers
> in the near future.

True ... and I invite all of you to test the first chunk of drivers from:
bfe(4), em(4), rl(4), xl(4) for a start.

Also includes our very special ndis(4). As this is not really special in the 
view from the system (it's just another driver) I don't suspect problems, but 
still I want proper test results for this one in particular. Please make sure 
to test the unmodified version first!!!

Next up are the pseudo devices that make sense. That is most notable tun(4) 
and lo(4) for testing.

Stay tuned and feel invited to share your drivers and/or ask for 

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