-current BRIDGE and PF

Toxa postfix at sendmail.ru
Fri Jun 18 18:26:22 GMT 2004

Due to the fact that pf and altq are in the base system in -current,
I have decided to move my bridged router back from openbsd to freebsd (well, it's
not heavy-loaded bridge, so possible -current odds is acceptable, and
it's a good chance to test -current in production environment). But
as I can see, it's still unable to use pf on bridged router. There's
no sysctl value for enabling pf in bridge, bridge working but packets
doesn't goes through pf, all counters (pfctl -vsr) are zeros,
everything passed throuth gateway like there's no firewall on it at
Am I right? Is pf still unable to work on bridge?

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