Heap size limit in java

Charles Swiger cswiger at mac.com
Fri Jun 18 16:59:26 GMT 2004

On Jun 18, 2004, at 12:05 PM, Paul Dlug wrote:
[ ...not being able to mmap() more than 2 GB of memory... ]
> Any help would be greatly appreciated. I imagine others have hit this 
> issue or will shortly. It's somewhat critical to getting large scale 
> java applications running on FreeBSD that the JVM be able to access 
> enough memory.

One approach would be to split up the workload into two (or more) 
JVM's, each of which using less than the current 2GB limit.

If that approach is not workable for your problem domain, then please 
consider the fact that no matter what changes are made, a 32-bit 
platform is never going to be able to give your JVM more than 4 GB.  If 
you really have a need to exceed 2GB JVM heap size, you should 
seriously consider switching to a 64-bit platform.  I don't know 
whether Java+FreeBSD+AMD64 is stable enough for production, so Sun 
SPARC or even a PowerPC-based Mac might be a better choice.


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