Possible Threading problem with -CURRENT / MySQL?

David Xu davidxu at freebsd.org
Fri Jun 18 08:54:52 GMT 2004

When this pthread program runs under ULE, I can not interrupt it
pressing ctrl+c has no effect, I have this problem for a long time.

David Xu

Robert Watson wrote:
> ULE seems to do a very good job of scheduling interactive tasks over
> other
> workloads, resulting in a very "snappy" feel on my boxes, despite heavy
> CPU load from background builds, etc.  The workload I looked at had no
> real "interactive" component, although it was a latency-centric RPC
> test,
> so timely hand-off as well as high throughput would be important.  I
> know
> that Jeff's measurement work on ULE had a substantial focus on deadlines
> -- whether or not ULE was timely in scheduling tasks, etc, and that he
> demonstrated that it was much stronger than most other available
> schedulers in this area.
> One of the next obvious steps in optimizing either ULE or 4BSD is going
> to
> be to spend a lot of time sitting with KTR(4) and looking at context
> switch traces for "dumb things", such as bouncing between CPUs, rapid
> switches back and forth, undo multiple wakeups, etc.
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