** HEADS UP ** GDB detached from the 5-CURRENT build

David O'Brien obrien at freebsd.org
Thu Jun 17 16:55:59 GMT 2004

On Wed, Jun 16, 2004 at 08:22:54PM +0400, Roman Kurakin wrote:
> David O'Brien wrote:
> >I have disconnected (i.e., disabled) `gdb` from 'make world' due to the
> >impending binutils 2.15 import.  GDB 5.12 cannot consume the 2.15 bfd and
> >libiberty.
> >
> >For now GDB users will have to use the devel/gdb6 port.  There will be an
> >import of GDB 6.x into the /usr/src tree before 5.3-RELEASE.
> How long it may take?

Not sure.  But it would be emancely useful if people would use the gdb6
port so gdb6 gets wider testing on FreeBSD before 5.3.

-- David  (obrien at FreeBSD.org)

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