ppp with dynamic IPs and ipfw "me"

Oliver Fromme olli at lurza.secnetix.de
Thu Jun 17 10:17:39 GMT 2004

Brad Knowles wrote:
 > At 11:36 AM +0200 2004-06-17, Oliver Fromme wrote:
 > > [...]
 > >  You can do that automatically with a ppp.linkup script.
 > 	IIRC, there are a variety of shell scripts that have been posted 
 > to perform this function on the comp.protocols.time.ntp newsgroup.
 > 	We should probably take those and work them into a more 
 > standard/robust form and include those in the contrib/ directory in 
 > the tarball.  That way, not only could they be used with FreeBSD, but 
 > they could also be used with other OSes which incorporate ntpd into 
 > their standard startup procedures (e.g., MacOS X).
 > 	Disclaimer: I am a contributor to ntp.org, and I'm theoretically 
 > responsible for certain scripts found in the BIND contrib/ directory, 
 > but I don't think that this is an area that I'd be 
 > interested/willing/able to handle myself for NTP.  If you've got 
 > something to contribute in this area, I'd be glad to work with you 
 > and the other contributors to get that incorporated.

Uhm, well, in my /etc/ppp/ppp.linkup script I simply
"killall ntpd" and then restart it with the options
from my /etc/rc.conf.  It's not really a big deal.

If there's a better, cleaner approach to the problem,
I'd certainly like to hear about it as well.


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