SMBFS problems in this morning's -CURRENT

SANETO Takanori sanewo at
Thu Jun 17 00:04:12 GMT 2004

Before calling mount(2), mount_smbfs calls smb_lib_init(), which requires
smbfs module loaded.

Solution 1: It's a spec. Put ``smbfs_load="YES"'' in your loader.conf.
Solution 2: Modify(backout) mount_smbfs so that it behaves as before.
Solution 3: Modify smb_lib_init so that it tries to load smbfs if it failed.

SANETO Takanori

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> On Mon, Apr 19, 2004 at 11:36:35AM -0500, Jonathan Fosburgh wrote:
> > I had to do the same thing this time, but I assumed (perhaps
incorrectly) that
> > it had something to do with trying to use the previous, incorrect
version of
> > mount_smbfs.
> >
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> > Jonathan Fosburgh
> The new binary requires this, the old one did not. The commit message
> says that mount(2) will auto-load the smbfs kernel module, but I am
> afraid it's not the case.
> Jiawei
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