ukbd/m$ natural/ps2 => usb

Phil Schulz ph.schulz at
Wed Jun 16 23:53:52 GMT 2004

> im trying to plug ps/2 microsoft natural keyboard using ps/2=>usb 
> converter into fujicu lifebook lappy. (those small ones with crusoe cpu)
I don't know what adapter you're using. But I remember an adaptor coming 
w/ my USB-mouse which allowed the mouse to be plugged into the PS/2 
port. This was just a dumb piece of hardware which made the connectors 
fit. Nothing more. When using this 'adaptor', the mouse itself noticed 
that it had to act like a PS/2 mouse.
Basically, I think USB and PS/2 are two completely different things. So 
unless either your keyboard can also work as an USB keyboard or you're 
using an active adaptor which can 'translate' between the USB- and the 
PS/2-protocol (don't know if there is such thing), I guess you're out of 
luck. I might be wrong, though.

> Once I plug it i noticed blanking leds on (one time as in normal case) 
> it and getting this:
> Jun 16 02:18:45 paranoia kernel: uhub_explore: status change hub=1 port=2
> Jun 16 02:18:46 paranoia kernel: uhub2: port 2 reset failed
> Jun 16 02:18:46 paranoia kernel: uhub_explore: status change hub=1 port=2
Don't know what those mean. Maybe someone else?


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