Hang on reboot, segmentation fault during compile

David Gurvich david.gurvich at verizon.net
Wed Jun 16 20:54:26 GMT 2004

     Dismounts all systems, stops running processes, and proceeds to 
make siren noises on soft reboot, requires power reboot.   Random 
segmentation faults during building from source.  i.e. I will reboot, 
build and succeed.  Generally unstable system.
      All as of 5/28/2004 -Current.  5.2.1-Current iso image as of 
2/22/2004 operates with no problems, as long as apic is disabled.  With 
both ACPI and APIC enabled onboard lan will timeout, usb mouse will be 
      System consists of asus nforce1 motherboard with onboard lan, usb, 
and vga.  The 'nv driver' is fast and stable, nvidia binary driver is 
not.  Am using the nvnet driver for onboard lan, nv for X11 as nvidia 
driver crashes too frequently to be useable, and ums for mouse.
	Noticed "Giant Locked" on both nvnet and nvidia driver.  kldunload 
crashes system when trying to unload nvidia, no problem with if_nv.  
Then again the nvidia  driver doesn't need help to crash system.  Was 
wondering if Giant Lock is what it does to system?
	Recent cvsup of src confirmed that the problem remains in -Current as 
of June 16,2004. 

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