** HEADS UP ** GDB detached from the 5-CURRENT build

Scott Long scottl at freebsd.org
Wed Jun 16 18:00:45 GMT 2004

Roman Kurakin wrote:
> Scott Long wrote:
>> Roman Kurakin wrote:
>>> David O'Brien wrote:
>>>> I have disconnected (i.e., disabled) `gdb` from 'make world' due to the
>>>> impending binutils 2.15 import.  GDB 5.12 cannot consume the 2.15 
>>>> bfd and
>>>> libiberty.
>>>> For now GDB users will have to use the devel/gdb6 port.  There will 
>>>> be an
>>>> import of GDB 6.x into the /usr/src tree before 5.3-RELEASE.
>>> How long it may take?
>>> rik
>> Marcel Moolenaar is working on GDB6 right now.  It sounds like he has 
>> a snapshot that is ready to go in soon, but it doesn't yet support kernel
>> debugging.  We will definitely have this resolved before 5.3.  Until
>> then I would highly recommend using the GDB53 or GDB6 ports.  While
>> breaking GDB is not ideal, it was discussed heavily with Marcel and
>> David and is really the best course of action considering how much work
>> is required to make all of it work.  We _need_ GDB6 in order to get good
>> sparc64 and amd64 support, and we need BU215 in order to get TLS in the
>> future.  It makes the most sense to go into 5-STABLE with a toolchain
>> that we can live with for the next 12-18 months.
> I was wondered since I don't like ports. A part of my work I do at home
> were I have very weak connection via dialup (< 24kbps) and even at work
> I have to fight with problems with fetch from ftp due to firewall 
> restrictions.
> So probably its time to check more thoroughly why I have problems with
> my proxy :-)
> May be I also should check some docs, probably it is possible to type smth
> and get a list of files that I need to download at work manualy and put 
> them
> into distfiles at home ...
> rik

The gdb ports are available as pre-compiled packages are aren't terribly 
big nor have secondary ports dependencies.  Just grab the appropriate
gdbXX.tgz off of ftp.freebsd.org and carry it home with you and install
it with 'pkg_add'.


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