How to determine the L2 cache size on non-AMD CPUs (automatic page queue color tuning)?

John Polstra jdp at
Wed Jun 16 16:11:47 GMT 2004

On 16-Jun-2004 Alexander Leidinger wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm working with Alan and Chad David on automatic tuning of the number
> of colors for the page queue. For AMD CPUs (including amd64, but not
> tested) we already have code in identcpu.c to determine the size of the
> L2 cache and its associativity.
> Now I need to know how to determine those properties on at least some
> Intel CPUs (e.g. P3 & P4).
> Since Intel has a lot of manuals and everyone contains a lot of pages, I
> decided to first ask here if someone can give me a pointer please (or
> working code).

Check out the "misc/cpuid" port.  Here's some sample output from a
PIII system.  Cache information is at the end.

 eax in    eax      ebx      ecx      edx
00000000 00000002 756e6547 6c65746e 49656e69
00000001 000006b1 00000004 00000000 0383fbff
00000002 03020101 00000000 00000000 0c040883
80000000 80000004 00000000 00000000 00000000
80000001 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000
80000002 65746e49 2952286c 6e655020 6d756974
80000003 20295228 20494949 20555043 696d6166
80000004 2020796c 20202020 33333131 007a484d

Vendor ID: "GenuineIntel"; CPUID level 2

Intel-specific functions:
Version 000006b1:
Type 0 - Original OEM
Family 6 - Pentium Pro
Model 11 - 
Stepping 1
Reserved 0

Brand index: 4 [brand 4]
Extended brand string: "Intel(R) Pentium(R) III CPU family      1133MHz"

Feature flags 0383fbff:
FPU    Floating Point Unit
VME    Virtual 8086 Mode Enhancements
DE     Debugging Extensions
PSE    Page Size Extensions
TSC    Time Stamp Counter
MSR    Model Specific Registers
PAE    Physical Address Extension
MCE    Machine Check Exception
CX8    COMPXCHG8B Instruction
APIC   On-chip Advanced Programmable Interrupt Controller present and enabled
SEP    Fast System Call
MTRR   Memory Type Range Registers
PGE    PTE Global Flag
MCA    Machine Check Architecture
CMOV   Conditional Move and Compare Instructions
FGPAT  Page Attribute Table
PSE-36 36-bit Page Size Extension
MMX    MMX instruction set
FXSR   Fast FP/MMX Streaming SIMD Extensions save/restore
SSE    Streaming SIMD Extensions instruction set

TLB and cache info:
01: Instruction TLB: 4KB pages, 4-way set assoc, 32 entries
02: Instruction TLB: 4MB pages, 4-way set assoc, 2 entries
03: Data TLB: 4KB pages, 4-way set assoc, 64 entries
83: 2nd-level cache: 512KB, 8-way set assoc 32 byte line size
08: 1st-level instruction cache: 16KB, 4-way set assoc, 32 byte line size
04: Data TLB: 4MB pages, 4-way set assoc, 8 entries
0c: 1st-level data cache: 16KB, 4-way set assoc, 32 byte line size


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