Paul Horechuk phorechuk at
Wed Jun 16 13:54:24 GMT 2004

I just finished a binary upgrade from 4.7 to 5.21. The /usr/src tree has 
been cleaned out and /etc backed up. Everything appeard to go as 
expected. The system installed the root account with no password. I set 
a password and restored my hosts file. Upon a reboot I get the following 
after entering a username (any name):
login: Unable to dlopen(/usr/lib/
Login: [dlerror: /lib/ undefined symbol "mac_is_present"]
login: adding faulty module: /usr/lib/

then I get a core dump (login.core)

I have to crash the system (Ctrl+Alt+Del) and login vy single user mode, 
but I don't have network access.

Without a network I cannot cvsup any patches.

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