Experiences with 3Ware 9500-Series and 5.2 CURRENT?

Patrick Hurrelmann outi at bytephobia.de
Wed Jun 16 10:52:20 GMT 2004

On Mon, 7 Jun 2004 18:55:54 +0200
Patrick Hurrelmann <outi at bytephobia.de> wrote:

> Hi there,
> i just sold my Promsie FastTrak S150 SX4 due to missing Raid 5 support of ataraid. I really wanted to get it running with FreeBSD 5.2 CURRENT, but the wait was too long :(
> I thank Soeren Schmidt for his work and patience.
> Now I know want to buy a 3Ware 9500S-4LP.
> My desired configuration will be a Dual-Athlon on a Asus A7M266-D with 4x 120gb, 7200 rpm, 8mb cache (western digital).
>  - Does anybody use such a controller and in what configuration?
>  - How stable is the current twa?
>  - Do the CLI and 3DM Tools work?
> Thanks!
> Patrick 

UPS just delivered by controller :)
I will install it and reinstall freebsd this evening.
I want to start with a clean 5.2.1 install. But does it already support this controller? I mean is twa included in 5.2.1?
if not, what is the best way to install freebsd with that controller?
I don't want to start with a CURRENT-snapshop, i made bad expierences with that.
Updating a clean 5.2.1 is my preferred way...

Any ideas?

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