ACPI hangs on HP 7915

Dave Hart davehart at
Wed Jun 16 07:56:53 GMT 2004

On Wed, 16 Jun 2004 00:58:15 -0400, Chris Pepper <pepper at> wrote:
>        I'm going to try upgrading the PhoenixBIOS from 3.04 to 3.07
> ("Core Version" is at 4.06 -- I don't see an update), if HP and
> Windows XP can agree on what a Windows executable is
> <>
> (Windows won't run the self-extractor -- may try WinZip next).

If the BIOS download .EXE is supposed to create a floppy, invoking it
under Windows' forcedos might do the trick.  Save the .EXE somewhere,
open a command prompt, and do something like:

cd \download
forcedos biosdl.exe

Typically the problematic .EXEs are combined OS/2 and DOS binaries
("bound EXEs") and the OS/2 emulation on Windows doesn't include
direct disk access bypassing the filesystem as needed to write a
floppy image.  Forcing it through Windows' DOS emulator allows it to

Incidentally, typically the DOS program in such "bound" OS/2 and DOS
.EXEs is just a small OS/2-compatible loader and emulator for common
and single-tasking OS/2 system interfaces.  In other words, the same
code is running either way, but it presents to the OS as needed as
either OS/2 or DOS.

Dave Hart

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