Possible Threading problem with -CURRENT / MySQL?

Daniel Eischen eischen at vigrid.com
Wed Jun 16 05:45:30 GMT 2004

On Tue, 15 Jun 2004, Daryl Chance wrote:

> Sorry for the top post.
> We've had this same problem (with mysqld locking up). 
> I was able to get a trace, but since it's a live sql
> box, I didn't have time to find your email (If I knew
> I had kept a copy in my inbox, I would have done this
> correctly, instead I thought I had to look up the
> email in the archives) but I was able to get a ktrace
> -p pid output of the process.  I let it run about 10
> seconds and then killall -11 mysqld'd the process (it
> allows mysqld to shutdown gracefully, thus not
> corrupting our tables).
> Here is the link to the .out file
> http://sql.tribalwar.com/ktrace.out
> here is the link to the .txt file of the kdump output
> http://sql.tribalwar.com/kdump.txt
> That was all I could remember to do in the short time
> I had to get it back up and running :).
> It's a stock kernel (w/ some minor things commented
> out).  It's FBSD 5.2.1 p6
> http://sql.tribalwar.com/SQL

I don't think 5.2.1 is going to tell us much.  We know there
was a problem in 5.2-release.  We really need -current.

Dan Eischen

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