bfe0 with/without acpi -- "watchdog timeout" error

John Birrell jb at
Wed Jun 16 04:12:37 GMT 2004

On Tue, Jun 15, 2004 at 07:20:56PM -0400, Michael Roberts wrote:
> i've run into a problem with -current, which wasn't there with 5.2 stable.  
> when i boot the system with acpi enabled, the bfe0 ethernet device loads up 
> and works for a short period of time, after which it gives the error 
> "watchdog timeout -- resetting".
> after scanning the mailing lists, i saw that other people had had problems 
> with acpi.. but for me, disabling acpi is what works.  with acpi disabled, 
> bfe0 does not reset, and i can use the interface just fine (sic i am able 
> to send this message... :)
> so -- what do i do to get both acpi and bfe0 running at the same time?  

The result of the discussion you've referred to was that one piece of the
ACPI code was backed out for the time being [ thanks to John Baldwin and
Nate Lawson for responding to the problems noted].

As of today, a cvsup of -current runs fine on my Dell 1150 which uses
bfe. I suggest you try updating - just keep a known good kernel around
just in case.

John Birrell

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