HEADSUP: geom_vinum committed

Craig Boston craig at xfoil.gank.org
Wed Jun 16 03:18:27 GMT 2004

On Tuesday 15 June 2004 6:59 pm, Paul Mather wrote:
> => I've just committed a version that should fix that, could you two please
> => cvsup and try again?

Given that this is all very experimental, the machine in question is doing a 
full backup right now :)  I should be able to try it out early tomorrow 

> FOO: sd swap.p1.s0 is up
> FOO: sd root.p1.s0 is up
> FOO: sd var.p1.s0 is up
> FOO: sd usr.p1.s0 is up

This is similar to what I was seeing earlier, I got FOO lines for p1 and p2 of 
the RAID-5 plexes, not for p0.  It also noticed p0 and p1 of the root plex 
(3-way mirror), but not p2...  However, I do seem to recall that once the 
system was up, gvinum showed all of the drives as present and up.  However I 
was unable to actually mount a filesystem -- I assumed it was because I had 
booted with root as the da0s1a hack (overlapping partition in the label, 
normally just for loader(8)'s sake) and GEOM didn't appreciate it.

FWIW, p0 and p1 reside on IDE disks, and p2 is on SCSI (horrible, I know, but 
it's just a testbed really).  Most of the FOO: messages were printed out 
right as the pause for SCSI devices to settle _begins_.

> => thanks for you patience, :-)
> Thanks for working on this.

Agreed!  I've been looking forward to this :)


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