Storing a lot of little files

Cyrille Lefevre clefevre-lists at
Tue Jun 15 18:04:08 GMT 2004

"Eugene" <el2000 at> wrote:
> Hello freebsd-current,
>   I need to store a lot (hundreds of millions) of very little files (from 8
>   to 50K) in my filesystem.

some times ago, there where something called "inode fs" (aka IFS).
unfortunatelly, this was killed from -current (5.x) two years ago.

more details here (google "freebsd +ifs +inode"):

>   What's the best way to optimize it? Which newfs options can you
>   recommend me?

so, the best way would be to have multi-level directories to reduce
the number of entries in one directory whatever the underlying file
system is (except, maybe, database-like filesystems).

something like :


using google "million +files +directory +fs" :

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