HEADSUP: geom_vinum committed

Craig Boston craig at xfoil.gank.org
Tue Jun 15 15:46:40 GMT 2004

On Saturday 12 June 2004 04:28 pm, Lukas Ertl wrote:
> Bug reports, suggestions, critics and flames are happily awaited, even
> more so when they have patches attached. :-)

I don't suppose there is any equivalent to the vinum.autostart sysctl, is 

I tried it out on a system that has everything on vinum, including root and 
swap -- loading geom_vinum from loader.  It found _SOME_ of the subdisks on 
its own during boot, but I got "Root mount failed: 22" when trying 

? from the root mount prompt listed some of the subdisks and plexes, but not 
all of them, so I think it's not completely done initializing at the point 
that root is mounted.  If I get some time later I'll try to figure out what's 
going on.


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