PAE on -current pitfalls and issues?

Daniel Lang dl at
Tue Jun 15 12:58:34 GMT 2004


I just got 6GB of RAM for our ftp-server running -CURRENT.

Usually, I would have upgraded to the latest current,
built a kernel with PAE and see how far I get.

However, machines with > 4GB need some tweaking with respect
to KVA. However in the NOTES files there is not much
how to set the KVA_PAGES. How much would I need?
pae(4) mentions tuning(7), which does
not tell anything about PAE issues. But pae(4) says, that
there may be issues with kernel-modules.

So here are my questions:

- Do I need to include 'options PAE' somehow into the
  build of the kernel-modules in order to use them?
  Or is a pure static kernel the only option?

- Where do I find documentation how to set my KVA
  and to which size to not run into problems.

- pae(4) includes some other hints how to tune, but
  maybe there are other things to look at?

- Maybe someone running a PAE enabled server with > 4GB
  can give some useful hints from experience?

- I usually use a downtime to upgrade the OS. However, since
  the netperf merge is currently in progress, I assume it's
  not the ideal time, to upgrade a production machine
  right now, is it?

Thanks and best regards,
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