ATAPICAM hangs with cdparanoia

Brian Feldman green at
Tue Jun 15 05:59:42 GMT 2004

Trying to rip a brand new CD with cdparanoia today, I've run into hangs
during the rip (read/seek within a track) process.  Sometimes it's a
"cbwait" hang, but it seems I can also get it to lock hard at the console.
Does anyone have experience debugging ATAPICAM/ATA/CAM that will come in
handy trying to figure out why this happens?

The most information I have right now is that it was a generic IO (read)
CCB, and when I looked at the union ccb inside the process doing the
xpt read request, "entries" was 0. Doing a camcontrol reset all locked
things up at that point.

Thanks for any help,
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