USB Mouse not working on Thinkpad R40, works under WinXP

Marc van Kempen marc at
Mon Jun 14 17:28:21 GMT 2004


I just bought a new usb mouse (Genius Powerscroll Eye U+P, optical 
mouse), and while my other USB mouse works fine under FreeBSD -current 
(about two months old), this one doesn't.

The mouse is recognized (I see the entry in /var/log/messages) and usbd 
is running and forking off a moused (moused -p /dev/ums0 -I 
/var/run/...). X is configured to work with sysmouse (and this works 
with my other USB mouse), but both on the text console and in X the 
pointer doesn't move and buttons don't work.

The hardware is a thinkpad R40, dual boots (Windows XP and FreeBSD 
-current). Under Windows XP the mouse works fine, so it can't be a 
hardware problem.

Does anyone have any ideas?


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