acpi changes break ath0 and ums0

David Gilbert dgilbert at
Mon Jun 14 15:33:23 GMT 2004

Odd thing I'm tracking down.  My current kernel is from sources
CVSup'd Saturday afternoon.  When I run it, ath0 and ums0 both timeout
after some random amount of network load.  cvsup provides enough
network traffic to trigger this.

Interestingly, unplugging ums0 and replugging it into another (not the
same) usb socket makes things work again.  The only dmesg output is:

ath0: device timeout

Now... I suspect that this may be an ACPI issue ... since it seems
that the wireless card is partially shut down.

My current try is to cvsup again ... looks like new changes
today... and see if's solved.


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