trouble with dump/restore on FreeBSD 5.2.1 (RELENG_5_2)

Andreas Klemm andreas at
Mon Jun 14 15:30:44 GMT 2004


dumped today all filesystems of my FreeBSD laptop,
which was a relatively new RELENG_5_2, because got new disk.

Was unable to restore the filesystems using the official 5.2.1 DVD.

- /	was possible with a warning
- /var	was impossible 
- The rest I didnt try...

Made a level 0 dump of all filesystems using -L
since system complained when I made dump of a
filesystem in use without -L.

/sbin/dump 0Lubf 128 - / | gzip > dump-_
/sbin/dump 0Lubf 128 - /var | gzip > dump-_var
/sbin/dump 0Lubf 128 - /usr | gzip > dump-_usr
and so on ...

For recovery
-  I made a minimum installation of 5.2.1
   to get all dump images via ftp from server
-  Then I used custom options to partition/newfs via
   "W"rite option in the partition menue.

The filesystems have been created and mounted
since I entered the mount points.
I didn't newfs /export of course...

Now I entered fixit mode:
The filesytems
	... etc ...
Have been freshly created and were free. df shows correct size.

Now I tried to restore using

	zcat /mnt/export/dump-_ | restore -r -f -

Got error messages.
Guessed it might be related to dump blocksize, that restore
is unable to determine 128 automagically.

Re-made / (umount/newfs) ...
	zcat /mnt/export/dump-_ | restore -r -b 128 -f -

This time I got / restored.
With warnings I don't remember exactly "expected xxx got xxx"

I was not so lucky recovering /var ...
Tons of 
	- "expected xxx got xxx" messages and
	- "Didnt find "." or ".." of a directory"
	and such ...

Do you have an idea what was wrong ???
Did I make a mistake or is dump/restore hosed ?

	Andreas ///

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