Minor HEADSUP - "New order" for newsyslog

Wes Peters wes at softweyr.com
Sun Jun 13 19:56:29 GMT 2004

On Saturday 12 June 2004 13:48, Garance A Drosehn wrote:
> In the new order, it:
>      finds all log files which need to be rotated
>      rotates *all* files which needed to be rotated
>      sends ONE signal to each daemon or process group which
>         is related to any file that had to be rotated.
>      waits 10 seconds (after all signals are sent)
>      does a gzip/bzip2 on each newly-rotated blah.0 file, and
>         after each one does the appropriate chown/chmod/chflag
>         calls.  (note that it does not fork off multiple
>         concurrent tasks to do these compressions, so it always
>         behaves as if the 'W' flag has been specified).
> Assuming I have not made any bugs, the end result should be the
> same as the end-result in the oldorder, it's just that things
> are done in a safer order

What happens if a new rotate request for a logfile appears before the gzip/ 
bzip for the existing .0 file has completed, or even started?  We have 
encountered this a number of times with a runaway process babbling into a 


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