very rough if_sk fixes

Scott Long scottl at
Mon Jun 14 01:47:51 GMT 2004

Doug White wrote:
> Hey all,
> I ran out and bought a Linksys EG1032 today and fixed up some of the
> witness warnings and a detach panic.  I'm not 100% sure my lock relocation
> is totally correct, though, so if someone wants to look at this and tell
> me I have no idea what I'm doing, that'd be great. :-)  Suggestions
> appreciated.  In particular I may need to tighten up the locking and
> ordering in skc_detach() since I'm not sure if we can take an interrupt in
> that context, and it'd be kinda bad to.
> Most of the changes were trivial... too trivial maybe :-)
> I'm also hoarding a copy of this patch at
> if the attachment doesn't
> come through.
> Thanks!

It's typically poor practice to have to hold a driver lock in the probe
or attach routines.  If there is an apparant need then it needs to be
re-examined.  A brief look at if_sk shows no real need for the lock to
be held in sk_attach(), though the driver appears to heavily abuse
newbus so I might be missing something.


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