kernel trap 19 with interrupts disabled: system hang

Bruce Evans bde at
Sun Jun 13 13:46:14 GMT 2004

On Sun, 13 Jun 2004, Don Bowman wrote:

>  ... OK, this did the trick, i got into db.
> ...
> The system was locked up, so when i pressed the key
> sequence to enter the debugger, it timed out stopping
> the other cpus. Everybody is in sched_switch and idle???
> ...
> siointr1(c554d800) at siointr1+0xd0
> db> t 0
> sched_switch(c074bfa0) at sched_switch+0x60
> mi_switch(1,0,1,c0c21d2c,c0562ba4) at mi_switch+0x1a0
> sleepq_switch(c074bde0,0,c0c21d54,c054dd12,c074bde0) at sleepq_switch+0x135
> sleepq_timedwait(c074bde0,0,23,0,0) at sleepq_timedwait+0xc
> msleep(c074bde0,0,44,c06ecd01,2710) at msleep+0x40a
> scheduler(0,c1ec00,c1e000,0,c0436065) at scheduler+0x167
> mi_startup() at mi_startup+0x96
> begin() at begin+0x2c
> db> t 1
> sched_switch(c53e0540) at sched_switch+0x60
> mi_switch(1,0,0,ed097c18,c0562b60) at mi_switch+0x1a0
> [... 4 CPUs at sched_switch+0x60]

sched_switch holds sched_lock which masks interrupts.  This accounts for
the processes not being stoppable.  I don't see how they can spin in
sched_switch() or even all stop at the same place.  Perhaps they called
somewhere that is looping and the traceback isn't showing everything.
This is most likely for cpu_switch().  OTOH, IIRC there is a bug in
stopping CPUs that breaks seeing where they are stopped.  Try looking
at where they reported to be when they are stopped for entering ddb
while the system is running normally.


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