Serial console - how to reboot?

Dan Nelson dnelson at
Sun Jun 13 03:42:06 GMT 2004

In the last episode (Jun 12), Doug White said:
> If you built the kernel with 'options BREAK_TO_DEBUGGER', then a
> serial break will drop to ddb. From there you could do 'call boot(0)'
> to attempt and orderly shutdown, or 'reset' to, well, reset :)
> There's also an 'ALT_BREAK_TO_DEBUGGER' option that emulates the sun
> alt-break -- [cr] ~ ^B.

btw - DDB in 5.* has a "reset" command so you don't have to remember
"call boot(0)".  It runs "cpu_reset" to immediately reset the system. 
Calling "boot(0)" has a better chance of doing a clean reboot but if
you're already locked up it may hang as well.

	Dan Nelson
	dnelson at

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