Interrupt storm detection

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| On Fri, 2004-Jun-11 16:01:59 +0200, Ian FREISLICH wrote:
| >> On Fri, 11 Jun 2004, Ian FREISLICH wrote:
| >>
| >> > I have a problem printing.  The data rate through my parallel port
| >> > to my printer makes the kernel think that lpt0 is storming at
| >> > 40k-49k irqs per second.  Is there a way to tell the kernel to
| >Does a PII-266 constitute a slightly slower machine?
| I'm amazed you can get to >40K irqs/sec on a PII-266.
| Have you tried using lptcontrol(8) polling or extended mode?
| Your other option is to offload the interrupts - either get a network
| interface module for your printer or dedicate an old clunker as a
| print server.

I had this same problem, by the sounds of it, on my "print server"
on -CURRENT a while back (a little 500MHz machine). I updated it about a
week after it happened and it went away... haven't updated since though.
Maybe this is your problem?

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