fxp(4) device timeouts ACPI related?

Joachim Strömbergson watchman at ludd.luth.se
Sat Jun 12 13:14:39 GMT 2004


John Baldwin wrote:
> Grr, ok.  It's going to require better acpi_pci_link support which is still 
> being worked on.

Any ETA when this might be fixed? Any thing I could do to help out? Or, 
alternatively, could we revert the patches until the new acpi_pci_link 
support has been completed.

I have two machines, a workstation and a laptop (Toshiba Portege' 2000) 
that are now interface-less due to this problem. For the laptop it's 
particularly troublesome since it doesn't have a cd-rom or similar 

Med vänlig hälsning, Cheers!

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