seedless kernel

Randy Bush randy at
Fri Jun 11 23:01:02 GMT 2004

very recent current, about two hours since cvsup
thinkpad t40p

even single-user i get a panic with the cd-rom inserted.
remove the cd-rom and she boots su.  i have a picture
of the traceback, but need to get past problem two to
get the pic off my camera and onto the net.

did installworld and the usual arcane rituals such as
mergemonster.  went fine.

boot heading for multiuser.  gets the "ad0:" for the
hard drive.  displays "Pre-seeding PRNG:" and locks
up.  google for "Pre-seeding PRNG:" produces two
entries with no help.

i imagine i can boot single abuser, 
   echo foo > /dev/random
and then go multi.

but, in the meantwixt, send clues to the needy.



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