networking fubar

Randy Bush randy at
Fri Jun 11 16:03:44 GMT 2004

>> as luigi pointed out privately, there is a new ipfw and i
>> was running a kernel without the matching installworld.
>> now the question is how safe is it to run an installworld
>> using yesterday's (or today's) cvsup?  yes, i know the
>> answer is 42:-).
> if you have newer sources as your last build I would
> recommend to 'make world' again. If you have tried to boot an
> old kernel?

i just cvsupped and am building kernel and world.  so that i
can have the latest versions when i whine:-).

> you maybe uncomment ipfw in your kernel-config.

that is my normal.  but i suspect you meant the opposite,
comment it out in kernel so i could [un]load dynamically,


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