Today's -current panics

Robert Watson rwatson at
Fri Jun 11 15:21:49 GMT 2004

On Fri, 11 Jun 2004, othermark wrote:

> Robert Watson wrote:
> > It would be extremely helpful if you could figure out where in the kernel
> > 0xc04cbf38 is.  You should be able to do this using a kernel on disk;
> > debugging, etc, is not necessary.  If possible, DDB stack traces or the
> > results of gdb on a dump would also be extremely helpful.
> I get a very similar stack track traversing through sossend(), under
> heavy NFS load on a 1GB machine.  Note the panic message here, and the
> peculiarity that previous incarnations of -current did not panic under
> similar load.  It is highly reproduceable via a 'make installworld' via
> NFS with /usr/src and /usr/obj mounted.  The NFS serving machine will
> always panic using vanilla GENERIC:

Hrmm.  It's certainly similar, but it's not clear to me that it's
necessarily related (although I wouldn't preclude that).  Could you tell
me what date you cvsup'd this tree?

Also, since you have a dump (yay!), could you try running vmstat -m,
vmstat -z, and netstat -mb against the dump?  It could be that a bug was
introduced in nfsd that leaks mbufs or the like, or it could be a nit in

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