Recommended modem for FreeBSD + HylaFax

Chris chris at
Fri Jun 11 12:48:49 GMT 2004

For HylaFax you need a real fax modem. Not one of those Winmidems or HSP 
modems. It it supports at least class 1 faxing then any listed on their 
site will do. I have never had any problems apart from the occasional 
jamming of the modem. That is why I prefer the external. You can see 
when it's jammed ans reset it.

Unfortunately I do not have any one of the two you listed. If I were you 
I would opt for the external USB and give it a try. If it does not work 
just bring it back. I do not think it would be the case.


Willy Offermans wrote:

>Dear FreeBSD (and maybe HylaFax) friends,
>I'm using FreeBSD 5.2.1 and HylaFax 4.1.8 for my faxserver. Till now I had an extern, serial modem and everything worked perfectly. But this extern, serial modem needs an extra power supply and that is very inconvenient. I'm planning to replace the extern, serial modem with an internal or USB modem, in any case without the need of extra power supply. I already tried several modems from various computer shops, but all of them didn't work somehow. Surfing the net about this issue, I found that HylaFax recommends Multitech modems. I found two candidates on
> -) MT5634ZPX-PCI-U-NV
> -) MT5634ZBA-USB-V92
>The first one is a PCI intern and the second one is a USB without power supply.
>Does anybody out there has experiences with one or both modems with respect to FreeBSD 5.2.1 and / or HylaFax 4.1.8?
>Is there another PCI or USB modem, people can advice me to buy, which work perfectly with FreeBSD 5.2.1 and / or HylaFax 4.1.8?

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