Growfs and extremely large drives

Alex Hoff ahoff at
Thu Jun 10 16:50:12 GMT 2004

Hi, We are working on a RAID0 setup (Adaptec 2200s) with 2 x 140G hard
drives on freebsd 5.2 .If we add another 10 drives to the raid and
reconfigure the raid to utilize the entire disk space, growfs will not
complete when its run. 

Fdisk and bsdlabel seem to be able to manage this size of drive (Although
they wont work if we add a few more drives, numsectors will be > 2^32). The
problem is during the growfs utility, it tries to access an illegal inode.
The error can be traced back to this check in growfs.c
if (inumber < ROOTINO || inumber > maxino)
		errx(8, "bad inode number %d to ginode", inumber);
Apparently the inumber is 1, and ROOTINO is 2.
The code that calls this seem to start from 0 up to the number of cylinders,
and then within that loop it goes in a decreasing fashion through all the
inodes. I cant seem to figure out why we are getting this error. Which makes
things more confusing is that if we start with 2 drives and add another 2
drives, growfs will work perfectly. 

Has anybody had any experience using growfs to grow a file system to near
2TB? If so, how did you overcome this error?
If we try to mimic this problem by just growing a normal fs without using
the raid we always get an error such as this
"growfs: rdfs: read error: 1031614724: Input/output error"
Thats a pretty generic. Anyone have any input? thanks alot

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