Trouble loading if_ndis with the Win2k driver (XP one works)

Bill Paul wpaul at FreeBSD.ORG
Thu Jun 10 16:08:21 GMT 2004

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> I have a -current from 2004. (because of this ACPI stuff 
> breaking by bfe card :) but I can't load if_ndis anymore..

Ok, listen to me: the way you've phrased this implies that you think
you've discovered a new problem that wasn't there in the past. But
you're wrong: you were _never_ able to use the W70N5.INF file to generate
ndis_driver_data.h. All along, you were using W70N51.INF, until
one day you accidentally left off the '1' at the end, and were surprised
when it didn't work. You then became confused and jumped to the incorrect
conclusion that you had encountered a new problem that hadn't been there

You're _SUPPOSED_ to use the Windowx XP version. The NDISulator pretends
to be Windows XP, and the ndiscvt utility pretends to parse .INF files
the same way Windows XP would. If you'd taken the time to actually
read the W70N5.INF file, you would have seen the following lines:

%COMPANY_NAME%    = Device,NT.5.1

; Used to Prevent XP Installations using this INF

Intel has tried to be clever and rigged the .INF files such that if
you try to install the NDIS 5.0 driver on XP, the installer will be
redirected to a dummy device list section which has no entries in it.
This will prevent the installer from matching the driver to any devices
when run on XP, which appears to be what Intel wants. Conversely,
the W70N51.INF file for Windows XP has the opposite logic in it to
prevent that driver from being installed on Windows 2000 or NT.

The ndiscvt(8) utility is following the instructions in the W70N5.INF
and not generating a device list section, which means the resulting
ndis_driver_data.h file won't have an NDIS_PCI_DEV_TABLE in it. The
if_ndis_pci.o module only has any brains compiled into it if
NDIS_PCI_DEV_TABLE is #defined. Part of those brains includes the
MODULE_DEPEND() macros that tell the compiler that the resulting
if_ndis.ko module has a linker dependency on ndis.ko (which is how the
runtime linker knows to try and resolve external symbol references in
if_ndis.ko against ndis.ko.) No linker dependency info in the module
means the linker can't resolve things like ndis_get_info(), which
lives in ndis.ko, is why you get the error that you do.

There is no bug here. The Windows XP version of the driver clearly
works. That's what you're supposed to be using. Running the Win2K
version of the driver isn't going to gain you anything anyway. If you
really wanted to use the Win2K driver object, you could do it by
editing the ndis_driver_data.h file (or the W70N5.INF file) but there's
really no point. These aren't the droids you're looking for. I can go
about my business. Ok?


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